Carpet and Upholstry Cleaners

"Cleans everything in it's path". Cleans carpet, vinyl, tires, and wheels. Excellent chrome cleaner. May also be used in extraction machines. Pleasant cherry scent.
Suggested mixture: 1-8

Carpet Shampoo
Concentrated non-foaming carpet and upholstry cleaner with a mild orange scent. Safe on leather and vinyl may also be used in extraction machines

Foaming Carpet Kleen
A thick foaming aerosol cleaner that holds dirt and grime in suspension until vacuumed away. May also be used for spot cleaning. Has an inverted tip for hard to reach areas.
Available Packaging: 12 can case

Foaming velour and headliner cleaner.

ZenaForce Foam
An excellent aerosol spot remover made from natural citrus solvents. A natural citrus degreaser that will remove even the toughest stains with a pleasing citrus fragrance.

A foaming leather and vinyl cleaner and conditioner. Fresh leather scent.

Fabric and Carpet Cleaner
A blend of surfactants, which gently foam away soil, oil and grease from fabric and carpet surfaces. Spot cleaning can be done without leaving rings on fabric and velour.

Sunsweet Plus
A liquid enzyme capable of digesting complex proteins, starches, fats and cellulose, as well as vegetable gums.  Degrades paper, fats, oils and grease at an accelerated rate.  These cultures will grow either in the presence or absence of air.  Chlorine resistant.  Ideal for lift stations, septic tanks, oxidation lagoons, digester pumps and grease traps.  Digests the bacteria that cause malodors, thus making it an excellent odor control.
Available packaging: 12 qt. cases,4 gal. cases, 5 gal. cans, 15, 30 & 55 gal. drums.