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Carpet Cleaners and Shampoo

ReyChem's Rug & Carpet Shampoo
A great all around shampoo ideal for grease removal, pre-spotting and total carpet cleaning. A low foaming shampoo with pleasing orange fragrance.

Available Packaging: 5 gal. pails, 30 and 55 gal. drums

Great for tough stains and pre-cleaning spot removal. Highly concentrated for extremely soiled carpets. Delightful cherry fragrance. May be applied directly to carpet or through a carpet extractor.

Available Packaging: 5 gal. pails, 30 and 55 gal. drums

Foaming Carpet Kleen
A thick foaming aerosol cleaner that holds dirt and grime in suspension until vacuumed away. May also be used for spot cleaning. Has an inverted tip for hard to reach areas.

Available Packaging: 12 can case

ZenaForce Foam
An excellent aerosol spot remover made from natural citrus solvents. A natural citrus degreaser that will remove even the toughest stains with a pleasing citrus fragrance.

ReyChem's Spot Out

A concentrated spot remover for all types of carpet. Spray directly on the stain to be removed agitate with a brush or rag and then extract stain from the carpet. 


We have a complete line of carpet extractors and carpet bonnets.


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Located in Southside Virginia, ReyChem specializes in developing products for unique cleaning problems. ReyChem’s products surpass expectations in a wide variety of environments and industries such as manufacturing, retail, automotive, education, and health care. Customers range in size from large corporations to small, private businesses and municipalities.

ReyChem can accommodate large volume orders and provides employee training in the use of its products. All bid and quote inquiries are welcome

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