Tire, Exterior and Interior Dressings

Double S
Long lasting tire and vinyl protectant. It is an aqueous solution which goes on easily and quickly.  This product is formulated to give both increased initial gloss and better gloss durability. It does not fade, attract dust, or "sling" off as most solvent based products do.

Ultra Shine
A premium high gloss exterior tire dressing. Specifically formulated as a low sling dressing that provides a high gloss shine on tires and exterior trim.

Ultra Shine Blue
Blue solvent based exterior tire and vinyle dressing, same as Ultra Shine but with less sling off and a deeper shine.

Ultra Shine Orange
Orange solvent based exterior tire and vinyle dressing, same as Ultra Shine but with the most shine available and with even less sling off. If you really like your tires shiney, this is your dressing.

Scented Insta-Shine
A clear, non-foaming coating which provides a water-resistant high gloss shine. Brightens and renews any vinyl or plastic surface. Great for those hard-to-reach places.

Insta Shine
Same as Scented Insta-Shine without the scent.

Leather Conditioner
Contains a blend of mink oil and lanolin that penetrates and softens leather. Gives a natural, non-greasy treament to both new and older leather. A special fragrance enhances the aroma of leather.
Available packaging: 32oz. Squeeze bottle

Non Silicone Dressing
Restores the luster and beauty to vinyl, leather, and tires. It is body shop safe and contains absolutely no silicone.
Availble packaging:190oz. Spray bottle

Ultimate Detail
A blend of synthetic siloxanes. This convenient aerosol spray gives a "wet look" appearance with one easy application. Works great on tires (black or whitewall), bumpers, moldings, door jams and AC vents.
Available packaging: 11oz. Spray can.

A foaming leather and vinyl cleaner and conditioner. Fresh leather scent.

Rubber Bumper & Flat Black Dressing
Contains a blend of polymeric synthetic polymers in a solvent base. Cleans and shines rubber bumpers and moldings. Also recommended for flat black surfaces.

Tire, Exterior and Interior Dressings

Double "S"

Long lasting tire and vinyla...

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Insta Shine

A clear, non-foaming coating which...

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